Fans of Japanese-style RPGs might want to save up some cash and internal storage for this game that that’s being ported to Android. HyperDevBox, the game company that has already ported a number of Japanese games to our favorite mobile platform, says that it will be ready to launch its current project, Record or Agarest War, in a few weeks’ time.

Record of Agarest War, also known as Agarest: Generations of War in Europe, is a tactical role-playing game that was released way back in 2007 for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360, and PCs. It features all the usual tropes you’d see in a Japanese RPG: anime-style artwork, a huge world map, and fixed camera angles. As a tactical game, however, it uses a turn-based battle mechanic that should be familiar to players of other similar games like, for example, Final Fantasy Tactics. The game does have some unique features such as the ability to chain or combine attacks with allies standing nearby.

HyperDevBox announced in July that they would be adding Record of Agarest War to its roster of games ported to Android. And it seems that the developers are almost ready to release the game just in time for the gaming season. The company was quite hard at work, as CEO Carlo Perconti says that they were able to reduce the original 6 GB game data to 1.8 GB without skimping on the quality of multimedia content, not an insignificant feat when it comes to games. The game will contain all the original content released on consoles and PC and even includes the downloadable content. Here’s a short video released by the company showing the work in proress running on an Android device and controlled by an external controller.

The developers have not given an exact timeline for the release other than its coming in the next few weeks. That should be enough time for fans or curious gamers to save up for it, as some of HyperDevBox’s games run above the $10 marker.

VIA: DroidGames