Recon Instruments unveiled the Recon Jet glasses back in May during Google I/O. They were pushing these as being similar to Google Glass, but more for the active lifestyle. The key with that, while they unveiled the glasses during I/O, it wasn’t until much more recent that we learned about those other important details. You know, the pricing.

The price was announced back in late-June and it coincides with the Tour De France. Basically, the Recon Jet glasses are launching for $499 and that price will remain in effect through July 21st (the end date for the 2013 Tour De France). After that point those considering a purchase would need to shell out an additional $100 for a purchase price of $599.

While there is still about 10 days left on that introduction price, it looks like the folks at Recon Instruments have come back with a status update in terms of the inventory. And perhaps more important — in terms of when these initial orders will begin shipping. Details on the Recon Instruments website show the black model Recon Jet glasses as being 90 percent sold out. Though, while 90 percent sold out, they haven’t talked about specific numbers so we have yet to see what they actually means in terms of sales numbers.


Otherwise, those moving forward with a purchase can expect the shipments to begin in December 2013. Further details tell the story about how the orders will also be shipped on a first come first served basis. So basically, it is looking like the deliveries may soon be pushing into next year.

With that, Recon Instruments are pushing these as being the “world’s most advanced wearable computer” and talking about how they are able to provide details on everything from navigation to weather alerts and social media updates. These glasses are also able to provide digital coaching and have GPS, Bluetooth, WiFi, an optical touchpad and ANT+ integration.

SOURCE: Recon Instruments