Rdio, one of the more popular competitors to Spotify and Microsoft’s new Xbox Music, has just launched a new beta version of its Android application. This new app is not available on Google Play yet, so if you are interested in being a beta tester, you will have to join Rdio’s Google Group and download the application for yourself. Rdio has not announced when the final version of its new app will hit Google Play with a final version.

The new app has some cool features that should intrigue Rdio listeners. The most obvious one is a new look and feel to the user interface. The player has been completely redesigned player and a new sidebar navigator has been added, designed to make playing and finding your music a bit smoother and easier.

The beta of the app also includes a new remote control feature designed to make controlling your music easier. They also added a new feature that syncs your music across the browser and mobile app, so you can pick up a song right where you left off. You can also choose the play later option and have it sync across multiple devices.

As this is a beta, they are looking for user feedback on the app. They plan on issuing frequent updates based on user feedback before they release the final version of the app on Google Play. Installing the beta will replace the current version of Rdio, so keep that in mind if you install the beta on your device.

[via Rdio]