Microsoft has announced that its new music service is launching on Tuesday for a slew of devices. Sadly, Android is not among the initial device offerings, but Microsoft has confirmed that the Spotify competitor is coming to Android (and iOS) shortly after the initial launch. This means that Android owners can take advantage of the cool stuff Microsoft’s Xbox music service offers very soon.

Microsoft offers a free version of this service, but like Spotify, users looking to use the service on mobile device will have to pay $9.99 per month to get access to it. For owners of an Android and an Xbox 360, it might be worth switching to Xbox Music because it does offer some pretty awesome features, especially if you are using it on an Xbox. As you might expect, Xbox 360 owners need to have a Gold account to make use of the service.

On Xbox, users can watch unlimited music videos with the new service. This is something you will not find on other music services, and could very well be worth the switch. They also have a store available for purchasing tracks not already available. On top of that, Microsoft even implemented an iTunes Match competitor designed to match songs from your library, regardless of where they were purchased.

As you might expect, Microsoft has also implemented a Pandora Radio-like experience for those who want to let some music play and not control it at all times. Overall, Microsoft looks to have some serious advantages over its competition. While they have not confirmed a date for the Android version of the music service, we are certainly looking forward to checking it out when it hits the market.

[via SlashGear]