As much as mobile gaming has definitely relieved us of boredom (as well as productivity) while we’re on the go, there are times when you’d want to play those Android games on a much bigger screen to fully appreciate the graphics and the gameplay. Razer, a gaming device and software maker, has come up with an entire gaming ecosystem to make this possible for users, which includes the Razer Forge TV and the Razer Serval gaming controller.

Razer Forge TV is a micro-console running the Android TV platform with 16GB internal storage. You can play your music, stream your TV shows and movies, but most of all, you can play your Android games on your TV screen. It can also be a group experience as the console can accommodate up to four players with different controllers. You can use your smartphone or tablet, running on either Android, iOS, Windows, Chromebook and others to interact with the console through a mobile remote control app. You can also use Google Cast to send files from your device to the TV. And if you want to switch to viewing or playing on your mobile device from Razer Forge TV, there are several games and media that can save your progress through a cloud save feature.


But if you need a bigger and cooler way of playing your games through the mini-console, Razer has another product to add to the gaming ecosystem. The Razer Serval gives you the “complete console controller experience” when you use it for playing games on your big TV screens. It has ABXY action buttons, a D-pad, analog sticks, two triggers and more Android navigation buttons. But it goes beyond just being a controller for your Forge TV. The Razer can remember up to four unique device pairings, which means you can use it to switch between the mini-console, your PC, your tablet, or your smartphone (sometimes just swiping and tilting is not enough).



The Razer Forge TV will be available in the first quarter of 2015 on the Razer website for $99.99 and if you want to bundle it with the Serval Controller, it will cost you $149.99. If you want to buy just the Razer Serval, it will set you back just $79.99.

SOURCE: Razer (1, 2)


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