Razer is popular among the real gamers because the company has been unveiling great products and peripherals that enhance gaming. Interestingly, the brand has introduced a new product that is quite different from its usual offerings. From gaming accessories to the smartband released last year, Razer recently showed off the Nabu watch.

We’d understand if the first thing that comes to your mind is a smartwatch but Nabu said it’s not a smartwatch. But what is it really? A watch that is “smart” according to a company representative. Okay, that’s an honest description but it may be difficult to tell the difference. Actually, the idea is that the old Nabu features are transported to a digital watch form.

So it’s not a smartwatch…just a watch. It may remind you of a Casio G-Shock because of the design but with extra features like notifications and some fitness tracking functions. The traditional part of the device is the real watch area. On the lower bottom is a small display for alerts and other important data you want to know especially related to health and fitness. With this Nabu watch, you can track how many calories you’ve burned or the number of steps taken.

The two parts of the Nabu watch also means you need two batteries: a rechargeable batt for the digital display and a classic coin cell battery. Two variants of the Nabu watch will be available: Forged Edition (a premium black finish and stainless steel buttons) and the Razer Nabu Watch that features green highlights. The latter is more affordable at $149.99 while the Forged Edition is a bit more expensive at $199.99. But still with the prices, the Razer Nabu watch can still be considered affordable.