The popular MMORPG series whose gameplay video we saw last year is now finally mobile. Fans of ‘Forsaken World’ will be happy to know that the game is ready for Android. It’s another world of epic adventure when you can see and experience fantasy, myth, and legend all together in one place. This PC game now turned into a mobile MMORPG is expected to take up most of your time. You may not want to stop playing until you finish the game and journey through the entire Forsaken World.

To collect a lot of loots, you need to fight against those bosses and raid dark dungeons. It’s a 3D open world where you can engage in PVP actions and be able to train those exotic mounts. Your many missions include beating the bosses and fighting for your life in very challenging dungeons.

Forsaken World is an endless adventure where you are called to take on legendary bosses for the epic loot. Game is free to play but in-app purchases are available. You can play online with friends in real time as long as you are connected to the Internet.

You will be taken into nicely rendered environments in stunning 3D graphics that I’m sure will very much impress you. And yup, no pixel-art or super VGA graphic style here, just pure awesome.

Download Forsaken World from the Google Play Store