The MMORPG game called “Forsaken World” is actually a counterpart of a PC game – same gameplay and rules – of the same name. While we wait for this game to show its face in beta format or something of that sort to be able to test it out, we will just have to satisfy ourselves with this gameplay trailer. For now.

If Forsaken World (mobile edition) will follow Fedeen Games’ PC-based MMORPG, then we can expect five playable classes to choose from: Warrior, Assassin, Kindred, Mage, and Cleric. You can also expect plenty of RPG staples like skills and abilities to unlock, quests to complete, and real-time gameplay with other people. The only possible difference might be in the controls for mobile, which is pretty logical. Meanwhile, watch the gameplay trailer below.

As you can see, the game looks gorgeous visually. If you’ve been familiar with MMORPG gaming for a while now then you might actually see that from the video, the gameplay looks interesting. The only question we get to ask now is if there will be cross-platform gaming between versions, or if the mobile version will house their players in totally different servers.

Until we know more info, you will just have to deal with the trailers for now. Here is the cinematic trailer below, just for good measure.

VIA: Droid Gamers