We had already seen details about how AT&T and US Cellular were opening up pre-orders for the Galaxy S5 today. And well, it looks like another option has come available. The latest is Radio Shack, and while there will be plenty of locations to pre-order a Galaxy S5 aside from this particular retailer — they are offering a discount for those who pre-order.

The discount is $50. Further details from Radio Shack touch on how those who pre-order will be given a $50 coupon. You’ll then need to save that coupon, along with your original receipt and use it when the handset actually arrives and the purchase is completed. There has yet to be a specific availability date announced by Radio Shack. Instead they have offered a timeline of mid-April.

Those pre-ordering with Radio Shack will also need to place a $50 deposit on a non-refundable gift card. That gift card will then be used toward the purchase of the Galaxy S5 when it arrives in stores. Otherwise, Radio Shack is also using this as an opportunity to further push their trade-in program. That would be the Trade & Save program and it comes with promise of getting $75 to $300 when you trade-in a “select working smartphone.”

Lastly, those concerned with damage may also want to look towards the “It Happens” program offered by Radio Shack. This one is touted as being a “best-in-class” protection program. But more important here, this plan does cover accidental damage.

SOURCE: PR Newswire