AT&T is the first of the US carriers to come forward with some Galaxy S5 release details. And nicely, it looks like pre-orders will be opening very soon. In fact, those looking to purchase an AT&T branded Galaxy S5 will be able to do so as early as tomorrow, March 21st.

The pricing will vary depending on whether you choose to go with a two-year agreement, or make the purchase under the Next plan. The two-year agreement price is $199.99. Those looking toward Next have options for $25 per month with Next 18, or $32.50 per month with Next 12. And for reference, the full retail price is $649.99.


Despite pre-orders opening tomorrow, and the full set of pricing details having been revealed — AT&T has yet to say exactly when the Galaxy S5 shipments will begin. For now they have said pre-orders will start shipping in “early April.” If nothing else, that suggests those moving forward with a pre-order have (at most) a few weeks of waiting.

The Galaxy S5, along with the rest of the new Samsung wearables were originally announced during Mobile World Congress. We took at look at all of the Samsung devices during the show, and those looking for more specifics should make sure to check our Galaxy S5 hands-on post from MWC. The post is here, and the video is sitting below. There is also plenty more coverage in the Story Timeline (under the video).