Qualcomm Adaptive Active Noise Canceling Technology

More things are going wireless these days. From wireless networks to wireless keyboards, wireless charging, and now, wireless earbuds, we have probably turned the most important things to go wireless. Of course, there are still plenty of things that can’t go without wires but for audio, we’ve already reached that stage. Wireless earbuds are now available although the technology isn’t perfect yet. Quality is still an issue as it still can be challenging to preserve how the source intends the music to come out.

Qualcomm isn’t just in the business of mobile processors. After announcing the Snapdragon 4-series would help 5G adoption and expansion, it has presented a new technology that will improve audio with noise cancellation. Qualcomm has also introduced the new Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation at the IFA 2020. No, there is no physical event–just the IFA Virtual Market Place.

Qualcomm’s Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation technology will make noise cancellation more accessible for true wireless earbuds that will be released in the near future. Qualcomm promises a number of things with this new tech like enhanced sound quality, consistent performance, and increased comfort.

This Qualcomm Adaptive ANC by Qualcomm Technologies International, Ltd. (subsidiary) is said to adapt to audio in real-time as the earbuds are being used. Qualcomm has noted the importance of active noise cancellation as per the recent ‘2020 State of Play report’. The report states that “consumer demand for active noise cancellation has increased year on year and it is now the fourth most wanted feature for earbuds. This makes it a key differentiator for manufacturers” as shared by Qualcomm executive James Chapman.

The Qualcomm Adaptive ANC has been designed to “to help customers deliver consistent performance levels and great sound for the largest possible number of consumers.” It delivers a number of benefits like consistent sound quality, enhanced comfort, seamless user experience, and flexibility. The technology dynamically adapts performance depending on the level of leak-through and tightness of fit of the user of the wireless earbuds. This lessens the need to self-calibrate or do a fit test. Basically, it adapts to the user so audio will come out with the best quality possible.

The new ANC technology works on all modes. It can help identify what the user is doing whether listening to music, making a call, or just using a digital assistant. It delivers automatic adjustments to different environments so audio is always the best.


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