Samsung recently unveiled the Galaxy Gear, however it looks like that was not the only smartwatch introduction that arrived today. The other is called the Toq and comes by way of Qualcomm. The Toq will be similar to what we have been seeing with other smartwatch offerings in that it will be a companion to your smartphone. Of course, while the Qualcomm Toq has that similarity, there will also be a difference in terms of the display technology.

The Qualcomm Toq will feature Mirasol display technology. This is said to be able to provide a “low-power display that enables an always on viewing experience.” And just to clarify, the Toq will have a color capacitive touchscreen. Other features of the watch include Stereo Bluetooth, wireless charging and a battery life that is said to be able to last “days” without needing to be charged.

Sticking with the topic of battery life, Qualcomm has said the “Toq’s power profile is so low that it does not require an on/off button.” Needless to say, there will be recharging involved and that will be wireless by way of the Qualcomm WiPower LE technology. This is also said to be the first smartwatch to take advantage of this wireless charging technology.

As far as the day-to-day functions go, the Toq will be able to provide users with alerts for text messages, calendar reminders and more. Users will also be able to manage (accept/ignore) calls from their wrist. Basically, as we have seen with other smartwatch offerings, the Qualcomm Toq will be a second-screen companion to your smartphone.

Qualcomm expects to have the Toq available in October and with a $300 price point. In addition to the regular model which includes the watch and wireless charger, there will also be a premium version available. This other is dubbed the “Premium Audio Edition” and will ship with a set of wireless stereo headphones.