Qualcomm announced the Toq smartwatch earlier in the day and while we have yet to see a detailed listing of the specs, we have seen the basics. And perhaps more important for some — we have also spent some hands-on time with the watch. Our time with the Toq was somewhat limited, however we were able to gather a few details and also capture some images.

As we had learned from the original announcement, the Qualcomm Toq will have a color capacitive touchscreen and it will use Mirasol display technology. Qualcomm had said the watch will be always-on and in fact, it was said the “power profile is so low that it does not require an on/off button.” Coming from our hands-on time we learned the display will be 2.1-inches.

Using the Mirasol display technology also means you will have a display that is not affected by sunlight and also one that doesn’t require a backlight. Our hands-on time also brought word that under average use we could likely expect three days per charge. Of course, while the need to charge always seems like the downfall, it is inevitable and in the case of the Toq — it should be a bit simpler thanks to the wireless charging support.

Specifically, the Toq uses Qualcomm WiPower LE technology and that means a “true drop and go charging experience.” Other details we learned as a result of our hands-on time include how a double-tap on the top edge will turn on a little light. A tap of the bottom (on the strap below the screen) will bring back the last open app. Overall, the Qualcomm Toq looks to have some potential.

The watch will be powered by a 200MHz Cortex M3 processor and paired with 512MB of RAM. We are expecting more details on the Toq to come available in time, and we will have a hands-on video soon. That being said, Qualcomm expects to have the Toq available in October and with a price of $299.