Qualcomm has begun accepting pre-orders for the Toq smartwatch today. The watch, complete with Mirasol display was originally unveiled back in September, but wasn’t expected to be available for purchase until early December. But while the pre-orders have kicked off today, it doesn’t seem as if the watch will be shipping for a few weeks time.

In fact, details coming from the online Qualcomm store product listing make mention of how pre-orders are being accepted now and about how they expect shipments to begin in 1 to 3 weeks time. Further touching on that, those moving forward with a pre-order will see their credit card authorized now and then charged when the shipment is ready to go out. The Qualcomm Toq is priced as we had been told last week, at $349.

Qualcomm has the Toq loaded up with a 1.55-inch Mirasol capacitive touchscreen display with a 222 ppi. The watch has Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity and is said to be able to work with Android handsets running Android 4.0.3 or later. Though with that in mind, Qualcomm suggests using Jelly Bean or later. There is also a 240 mAh battery that is said to last several days without needing to be charged.

The Toq supports wireless charging and actually ships with a charger. Other details here point towards a band that will be able to support wrist sizes of between 6 and 8.7-inches and an overall weight of 3.2 ounces. Remaining highlights of the Toq include a display that is readable even in direct sunlight and the promise of being able to seamlessly receive alerts, messages and other updates from your Android handset.

That all having been said, while we look forward to spending some quality (long) time with the Toq, we did get a bit of hands-on time following that original announcement in September.