Yes you read the title right, that says 100% bug powered smartphone and that is exactly what we have. Today Qualcomm has presented us with the “Bug Circus Generator” where they’ve neatly gathered a few speedy Praying Mantis and tossed them on unicycles and a Tarantula on a treadmill and rigged them to generate tiny amounts of electricity. What do you get? A 100% bug powered smartphone thanks to the extremely efficient Qualcomm Snapdragon processors.

Qualcomm recently unveiled details about their upcoming S4 mobile processors and how extremely powerful, yet efficient they will be compared to current generation mobile processors and SoC’s. The new Qualcomm S4 is built using a much refined and smaller 28 nm processing fabrication that allows for smaller more efficient chips, that also use less power and output less heat. All of this combines into an extremely great performing mobile chip and we can expect to see Qualcomm S4 chips in our smartphones soon.

This video we have for you today is just so awesome I don’t even know where to begin. Unicycles being ran by Praying Mantis and beetles running on ping pong balls all wired to produce electricity. This is actually very clever and extremely amusing if you ask me. I’ve seen a flea or ant circus but this takes things to a whole new level. Each “generator” is fixed to a capacitor that is then wired to what appears to be an HTC Sensation that is being fueled by the circus. Without further ado — I present you with the Qualcomm Bug Circus Generator:

I must say that ending is pretty epic — nailed that landing and I’d give her a solid 9.8 score for great form. Surely that canon blast was CGI effects though, no one risks the wrath of the ASPCA these days, even for bugs. Right? For all the details and information on Qualcomm, Snapdragon, or their new S4 mobile processors head over to to see and hear more. I must say, the unicycle and praying pantis was by far my favorite of the bunch, that and the death defying shot at the end — Well played Qualcomm.

What does everyone think about this, a neat video or do bugs creep you out?