Qualcomm is getting ready to dance the Google Tango as it prepares for its next Snapdragon series. The top chipmaker just announced that it will be offering Google support for its next project and deliver Snapdragon 820 processors and S800 and S600 chipsets for future devices. The premium and mid-range processors are expected to bring the Tango experience to a different level by allowing smooth and seamless augmented reality.

Google has not fully launched the Tango technology but Snapdragon processors are expected to make it a reality–or should we say, augmented reality. Qualcomm has developed Tango-specific software already and has optimized its Snapdragon 652 processor for the Lenovo Phab2 Pro we were introduced to earlier this June.

To make things better, Qualcomm extended the Tango enhancements for the Snapdragon 820 processor so expect the same advantages like the excellent camera and sensor processing technology, more efficient processing, uniform time stamping of multiple sensor data streams, and higher accuracy. It’s a Snapdragon 800 chipset which also means lower power consumption and higher performance.

Qualcomm didn’t have a hard time preparing the Snapdragon 800 and 600 series chipsets because they have almost similar architectural advantages. They’re just small chips but you can be sure they can deliver quality performance. We can also expect the five sensors that will be mainly used Tango like the accelerometer, 3-camera sensors (Tango-specific, depth, and fisheye motion), and a gyroscope.

The Qualcomm Snapdragon processors’ being geared for Tango only shows the company definitely cares about the mobile users. As the brand’s motto “At the heart of devices you love”, the processors will power future devices and technology that you and me will surely enjoy and Google Tango is just one.