Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit

Technology will never fade. It only needs to develop. More than new inventions, we need innovations that empower. More recently, big names in the tech industry have been working and collaborating to improve on whatever tech is out there especially in the mobile arena. For Qualcomm, it’s launching a new development kit that would make the Google Assistant better with headset activation. The Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit is aimed to bring support for Google service for the benefit of mobile consumers.

Many people depend on headphones. Pairs are no longer like what they’re used to. They’ve evolved through the decades. And as with more mobile gadgets and accessories, they’re smarter. Adding Bluetooth connectivity is already smart but they can still be smart. In recent years, headphones are integrated with the Google Assistant but it’s only now that Google is making an effort to standardize things.

Optimizations with the Google Assistant are done to some of the latest headphones released in the market. We don’t need to enumerate them but they’ve made things easier for everyone. It’s not perfect but there are still more rooms for improvement.

A greater Google Assistant experience can be had. Qualcomm and Google have been working on the Qualcomm Smart Headset Development Kit and now it’s here as a “comprehensive, customizable development kit“. It will provide OEMs tools and information to come up with a smart headset with Google Assistant.

The kit contains the latest Qualcomm QCC5100-series Bluetooth audio chip that offers Google Fast Pair support. Pairing Bluetooth devices and accessories can be made faster if done with the special kit.

There’s also the Qualcomm Smart Headset Reference Design that companies and device makers can follow. It allows extended battery life and playback, noise cancellation features, and high-quality audio.

The Qualcomm kit offers the following: earbuds with ear interface rubbers, Qualcomm QCC5124 BGA90 (right), flexy rigid PCB design in both sides, two mic Qualcomm cVc noise reduction technology, 60mA battery per side, micro USB charging, software binary image, and the Google Assistant.

A detailed hardware design pack is also included. The platform is based on Qualcomm QCC302X, QCC303X, and QCC5100 low-power Bluetooth audio series as mentioned. More information shared HERE.