Once again, Pushbullet is getting another round of updates. It’s not even two weeks since it received Remote Files feature and started to get files from another device but a couple of new updates have just been released. One is group texting support and another is the ability to change drives in Remote Files.

These new features are expected to benefit a lot of Pushbullet users who rely on the app for their everdyday mobile messaging needs. For one, the Remote Files feature added last week quickly received a useful feedback. Some users suggested that they should be able to switch drives easily within the app. This means they should be able to move from the C:\ drive to other drives like E:\ or D:\ or whatever is open. Changing drives in Remote Files is now possible both on the Android and Windows desktop versions.

Group Texting is also now allowed. Finally, it’s one feature we’ve been asking and it’s here. You can now send a message to a group at once but replies will count against your limit. It’s still free though from the time you download the latest Pushbullet but only until January 1. This particular feature will be available on the website, Windows desktop, mobile app, and even the Chrome extension.

The Pushbullet team just submitted the update for Firefox, Opera, and Safari extensions but they should be ready soon. Take note that requirement for your smartphone must be at least Android 5.0 Lollipop.

SOURCE: Pushbullet