Behold version 1.9.5, an update that’s just this week come through for Pulse, one of if not THE preeminent news feed reader on Android (and iOS, for those keeping track of that.) This update is marked 1.9.5 and says that it’s an update specifically for Android 3.0.1 Honeycomb. We’re rolling out with it on the Motorola XOOM and so far… it looks exactly the same. But that’s no bad thing, all updates behind the scenes – that means they were doing it right the first time!

But guess what? It looked fantastic in the first place. It appears that most of the update here has to do with “optimization” of what we were already enjoying. The things they’ve listed in this update as having been updated are thus:

Support for Honeycomb platform, including hardware acceleration.
Support for tablet devices.
Ability to enable/disable Flash.

Whoa! That’s a bit of a doozie. Looks like Alphonso Labs (the people who make Pulse,) are either getting on top of the Flash thing before it get applied to the XOOM specifically, or they heard about how that particular app has already leaked. Take a peek at that leak over [over here] then head into your “My Apps” area or click over [here] to update Pulse – like you knew you would!