We’ve got it all right here, right where you want to peek at it. Links and videos and all that good jazz. You want to watch ESPN on your Motorola XOOM, and the preparedness update today just wasn’t enough for you? Or perhaps you never received that update OTA, and you still just cant let go of the fact that you don’t have Adobe Flash Player 10.2 yet? Well heck, man, here it is. Not only is it here, we’ve got video proof of the thing in action, so fear naught!

In the video below you’ll see us access an array of Flash-centric websites after we’ve installed the APK file you’re about to grab for your own. This file was submitted to us by a friendly user by the name of “Teegz90,” and we’ve also traced it back to a source over on MyDroidWorld where wnrussell appears to have gotten this file from a completely random ghost. Ghost in a shell, perhaps.

[vms a90cfdd895e64021e216]

No matter what angel or devil brought this update to us a few days early, we’re grateful, and we’re completely enjoying watching our Facebook videos and playing Flash video games and such. Next we need to get that keyboard hack working so we can play Boxhead Zombie Wars. Wooie!

OH and if you want the APK, head over to [this Multiupload]