Even though an HTC Status 3D would be the talk of the town, certainly, if it were real, and certainly not only for positive reasons, we’ve got to let you know that the September Best Buy BUYER’S GUIDE has a slightly less than factual bit to it. On the back cover of our beloved Best Buy mobile-intensive mini magazine, (the one you can get when you walk in the door, right over by all the smartphones,) there are three devices, (four, technically,) sitting one next to another: the “ThunderBolt by HTC”, the “HTC EVO 3D” and the “HTC Status 3D” with new choice of either AT&T standard silver coloring or Best Buy’s exclusive Mauve coloring. I asked, they giggled.

Also technically it was less of a giggle and more of an uh-ohhh on behalf of the Best Buy Mobile Department attendant’s friend whom he says is one of or perhaps the only person in charge of proofreading the monthly guide. We’d just been speaking about 3D devices and how they certainly had a chance at catching on, but with a display as small as the HTC Status (called the HTC ChaCha internationally), there was just no chance that the current glasses-free mobile versions of 3D would be able to look at all good.

So rest easy, ladies and gentlemen, it’s only a typographical error. There will be no 3D Facebook phone any time soon, even though this paper would have you believe that such a thing exists. Additionally, should you be considering purchasing the Mauve color (or the original color, for that matter) you can check our our official full-length review complete with hands-on video. I’m sure you’ll see exactly what you do and do not want to see in a device without a question.