If you’re still vying for that elusive OnePlus One creature, tomorrow might be your one and only chance to escape the harrowing ordeals of an invite-only system. OnePlus will be starting the pre-order period for the smartphone tomorrow, but better get your fingers ready, because you will only have an hour to fill up the forms and make sure that everything is in order.

This rather short pre-order promo is OnePlus’ compromise to one of the smartphone’s most criticized misfeature: its availability. The startup admits that it doesn’t have the resources, whether financial or human, to meet demand like other more established manufacturers in the market. But the demand, and the clamor, has been so great that OnePlus has little choice but to give in just a little bit to save some face, bringing us to this somewhat maddening rush that they call pre-order.

OnePlus sets the ground rules. You will, of course, need a OnePlus account, which you can sign up for even before the period starts. You can only order up to two of each item. You best be sure of those orders and your details as once the order has been confirmed, you cannot change your orders anymore, you can only cancel them. There is also no assurance of when the pre-orders will ship, but they will provide that information once they’re ready. If you have the luck of receiving an invite before that awaited date however, you can opt to leave the queue to get yours immediately, at least for the OnePlus One smartphone itself.

The pre-order period starts on October 27 at 11 AM EST, 8 AM PST, 3 PM GMT, and 4 PM CET. The pre-order is only good for an hour. Hopefully, OnePlus’ limited resources will not cause a system failure, considering how the smartphone is still a hot item. If Motorola‘s past fiasco with a Moto X markdown sale last year is any indicator, OnePlus might have a riot in their hands if they don’t ensure it can handle the load.

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