This is just a friendly and courteous reminder that Google is about to start their “These Go to Eleven” press event that surely will be all about the new Google Music service and or store for Android devices. It officially starts at 2:00 PM PT (so in a matter of minutes) and we’ll have all the details and information as it comes in.

We are expecting a number of different things but the leaked screenshots from earlier this week revealed most of the goods. We can expect to see Google Music available in the Android Market and it may even be called the Google Music Store. We should be able to purchase music and possibly even books on tape and more. While the details are still a little light, we’ll know everything shortly once the event gets under way.

You can stick around right here for all the latest news as the day unfolds as we’ll be there live to capture any hands-on time if the option is available, and you can also watch the live broadcast at Again check out these screenshots to see some of what we expect to be announced. I’m hoping everything will be cloud based (but optional) and users can buy and listen to music instantly from the cloud, then download to their device should they choose. Either way we’ll known in a short few minutes so enjoy.

Stay tuned for any and all hands-on and details from the Google Music event brought to you by Android Community.