As a reminder the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Wi-Fi will be receiving the new Galaxy Tab Touch Wiz UX update starting tomorrow. Users will be upgraded to a new user interface bringing tons of changes and options to the user interface of Android 3.1 Honeycomb. We have some news regarding this update and thought we’d share it with everyone as a PSA.

While the new Touch Wiz UX brings plenty of new features, users might like to know that the upgrade will be permanent. The update will come OTA starting tomorrow and users will be able to quickly update and try out the new features. The bad part here is if you don’t like the new changes you will NOT be able to reverse or disable the new user interface. Once you update you are stuck with it. Now we aren’t saying you wont like it, because it brings some awesome new things to the Tab but it may not be for everyone.

Users, who will receive the over-the-air download for their WiFi devices beginning Friday, won’t be able to remove the Samsung features even if they desire to return to the standard Android platform, Mr. Kim said.

Samsung does mention they only improved and changed things which they know users would want such as ease of use, visual appeal, and entertainment. It is not designed to be intrusive, rather it should be something users enjoy and appreciate. We got an early look a few months back and you can see that here, although this was while it was still in beta form and the final version is much smoother.

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Here is the official Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Demo right from Samsung Mobile for those interested

While having unlocked and rooted devices like the Galaxy Tab nothing is actually “permanent” because advanced users can always root and flash back to stock if they choose, but for the average person this might not be a solution and that is why we felt like sharing this little PSA that the upgrade will not be removable if users want to do so. I personally plan to accept the update coming tomorrow and will be hitting update all morning til I receive it over the air.

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