Sony has just released a downloadable content (DLC) add-on for the PlayStation 4’s The Playroom game that adds a dash of user-created content into the game. Using the PlayStation App, users can create all sorts of objects for the small robots to play around with.

The Playroom is a game that comes built-in with every PlayStation 4 console and represents Sony’s foray into the augmented reality arena. This game puts a bunch of small robots right in your living room, or whatever space you have. These robots interact with any solid and moving objects in the scene, which is captured by the console’s camera. You can, thus, push away or even kick these tiny robots and they will react appropriately.

Together with the PlayStation App for Android and iOS, you can give other things for the robots to play with. Using the Second Screen functionality, whatever you draw on your mobile device gets transformed into a 3D object inside the game that the robots can then kick around to their electronic hearts’ content. This feature was already teased at the Tokyo Games Show last September but now it’s finally here for all PS4 owners to enjoy. Here’s SlashGear’s Chris Burns, with a special guest star, giving his little robots one hell of a fun time.

PlayStation 4 owners will be able to get The Playroom DLC for free from the New Add-Ons section of the PlayStation Store. The PlayStation App is also available for free on Google Play Store and should be compatible with some devices other than Sony’s own Xperia line.

Download: PlayStation App on Google Play Store
VIA: SlashGear