One of the big things about the Xperia Z3 family that Sony announced at IFA 2014 – that is the Xperia Z3 flagship device, the Xperia Z3 Compact, and the Xperia Z3 Tablet – is the PS4 Remote Play feature. Short version is that the feature allows you to play your registered PS4 games using your Xperia device as the screen – provided that everything is connected to very reliable internet connections.

In the opinion of XDA forum member with the surreptitious handle “XperiaPlaystation”, it is a bit sad that only the Xperia Z3 series officially carries this feature. So in line with doing things “unofficially” the XDA way, the aforementioned forum member created a port so that the feature can now be available to all Xperia devices. It’s notable that the system dump for the Xperia Z3 was recently made available, so that all these tweaks and ports are now possible.

The port needs a rooted device and a working CWM custom recovery – so if you shy away from tweaks like that, this may not be for you. The developer of the port explains the instructions at the source link, so you may want to go check that out. As always, make sure that you are able to get out of any bind that the process may accidentally create.

At the moment, the announced Remote Play App has not been released by Sony yet – but the thread starter says that when it becomes available your Xperia device will be ready for it via this port. We assume that Sony has hardware in mind when it decided not to make this available to other Xperia devices – so a gentle warning here, streaming PS4 games and playing them on your device will most likely demand a lot of graphics power. Be ready to experience some graphic lags or issues.