Android Project Treble

When Google introduced Project Treble more than two years ago, it was meant to achieve a modular Android OS. It also promised quick version updates and so OEMs were expected to support the technology. Some companies started providing support but with limits. It is not always possible on most mobile devices but things can be tested and see if it can reach Alpha level. Unofficial Project Treble support is also possible with the hopes of updated mobile OS all the time.

More improvements can be expected especially with Android 10 as the new mobile OS version delivers new and updated tools for consumers and developers. New features include Focus mode, Dark theme to save battery life, and Smart Reply for faster multitasking among others.

The Android 10 platform delivers more features and enhancements, especially to security and privacy. Project Treble further helps by helping phone makers to upgrade to the latest Android OS version faster than ever.

It’s been a long process for the Android developers but it’s not giving up. Effects have been so far positive as the number of devices part of the Beta program increases. The Android 9 Pie beta program was released for more devices from more brands apart from the Google Pixel models. The Android 10 version has reached 18 devices from 12 OEMs this year.

If you may remember, Google also implemented Project Mainline earlier. It allowed the company to directly update the Android OS via the Play Store. This makes everything faster than ever.

The Project Treble devs continue to bring more on improvements to efficient updatability. It’s only made possible by working closely with partners. There are more phone manufacturers and brands out there–about hundreds plus dozens more of mobile processors. In the future, Android hopes to release more regular security updates for Android phones and real-time updates to apps.


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