Earlier today we reported that Google was looking to improve their awesome augmented reality glasses by making them a bit more stylish and fashionable. Because no matter how great they are, people need to want to wear them. Well this evening we’re now seeing a new patent that gives us an idea of what they’re aiming for, as well as what Project Glass could look like on a nice frame.

They certainly aren’t Ray Bans, but can you imagine rocking some awesome Aviator or Wayfarer style glasses combined with Project Glass. Sign me up for a pair right this minute. We’re getting ahead of ourselves though, Google has just started looking into alternative styles and we’re probably far from anything extremely fashionable.

Earlier today the New York Times reported that a stylish and fashionably sensed online retailer may be partnering with Google to design some better looking frames, and the patent image above could be just one of many. Obviously this is very general, but it gives us an idea of what Glass could look like on a more traditional look.

The patent actually goes into all sorts of crazy details regarding the actual glass options, overlays right on your retina and many other things, but for now we’ll just start with the frames. It isn’t 2020 just yet Google. We’ve been hearing a lot of hype lately surrounding Project Glass, and can’t wait to try them ourselves. Check out the links below and Google’s latest video to see what Project Glass can do for you.

[via TechCrunch]