Google is serious in expanding one of its many projects. Some may not be successful, prompting the tech giant to discontinue them. As for the Project Fi, the company is promising more coverage and more speed as it partners with U.S. Cellular. We don’t know how many subscribers Project Fi currently has but Google is regular in updating and improving the WiFi and Internet mobile service.

Google recently teamed up with U.S. Cellular. The two partnered to deliver the best quality connection without any disruption. As you know, consistency and speed are important when it comes to mobile connectivity and Google is determined to deliver its promises. With the help of U.S. Cellular that has a wide coverage of 4G LTE in 23 states in the country, Google will be able to reach more people. The service is now open to everyone in the US. It even introduced data only support late last year.

Google teaming up with U.S. Cellular brings Project Fi faster speed and more coverage. The idea is that Project Fi will determine which is the fastest network in a particular area and then will connect you to it. This way, you can have reliable Internet connection anywhere you go. You 4G LTE coverage is no longer limited to a place or network because Project Fi knows where to automatically connect you.

Constant mobile connection is important. While there are numerous mobile carriers and networks available across the country, coverage is still limited. Internet connection will depend on where you are subscribed but with Project Fi, you can be guaranteed of a seamless connection because your Fi device can detect which one is fastest.

U.S. Cellular is Project Fi’s third partner. This development will definitely improve connectivity and the connection rate of all Fi subscribers.

SOURCE: Android Official Blog



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