More and more outfits are buying into Project ARA’s modular smartphone project. We talked about audio experts Sennheiser entering big-time into the project by designing an audio module for the smartphone, and they’re back with some amazing updates. Another outfit who specialize in style and healthy living – Lapka – is also keen to show off their plans for the modular project.

First up, Sennheiser has come up with two modules for the project designed for people who want just a little more oomph from the audio capabilities of their smartphones. The first concept module, named “amphion”, is designed to deliver high quality audio capture and playback. Using an energy efficient class G amplifier and a low-noise microphone input path, Sennheiser says that its design not only meets the demands of the audiophile, but is also perfect for musicians or journalists looking to capture some high quality audio for use at a later date.

The other audio module is just as impressive. The “proteus” audio module comes with two audio jacks, something we’ve all been dying to have on our current smartphones, for easier sharing of music. Sennheiser even suggests that this could have other applications too, such as using two stereo jacks to connect up four microphone inputs for high quality audio capture. Watch the video below for the complete presentation.

Lapka, on the other hand, is keen to show off its fusion of haute couture design with functional health and lifestyle modules such as air quality sensors, CO2 level sensors, a breath analyzer, an EKG module, and even a glucose level measurement module. Whew! Lots of great ideas here. Lapka is even pushing for Project ARA endoskeletons not in smartphone form but in other applications as well.

SOURCE: Phonebloks / Lapka