Sennheiser recently announced that it was going to dip its considerable audio design and manufacturing clout into the revolution for the first marketable modular phone project, a.k.a. Project ARA. The outfit is globally known for its audio processing technology, and it is now designing one of the first premium sound modules for Project ARA.

The update from the company talks a lot about physical design and the constraints the engineers and developers had to work with in developing said audio module. Sennheiser says it is leaning towards the 1×2 module, which allows for a bit more space than the smaller 1×1 module – while not going too large as the square 2×2 module.


There is also the question of having physical jack inputs on the module itself, and the company is toying around with a jack-less audio module – meaning that the headphone audio output and the microphone input would all have to be wireless. Lastly, the company is also considering audio accessory modules, like additional modular speakers or microphones for better recording. All this is crazy, but now apparently possible because of Project ARA.


Sennheiser’s update is saying that they have already considered the physical design and would probably be going into the coding part of the DSP’s that they want the module to be able to run. We do hope Sennheiser gets the design part of this one right, as audio features continue to be a big deal for mobile users, even from an upcoming modular phone.

SOURCE: PhoneBloks Blog