We have talked quite a bit about the Google Project Ara device around here. Earlier this week we offered up a hands on with the device showing you how you can snap modules together to design your own smartphone with the capabilities you want. One of the things we didn’t go into great detail about was how you configure and program those modules to work.

We are back with a hands on look at the Project Ara Configurator App. This is the software that controls the modules to make the device you piece together work. The point of the app is to allow you to configure your device before you go out and plunk down the money to get an idea what it will be like.

After you buy the Project Ara components, the app will also allow you to tweak the smartphone with new modules down the road. This modular nature that allows you to swap processors, cameras, displays, speakers, and other components is what Project Ara is all about.

Project Ara’s Configurator app isn’t available to download just yet. It will launch after this year when the hardware is closer to launch. You can check out the video to see how the configurator app works in the flesh until it launches.

SOURCE: SlashGear