So for all the great things and features the Samsung Galaxy S8 has, the fingerprint sensor is not one of them. Users have been vocal about the problematic placement of the sensor, which is right beside the rear main camera – if you’re reaching a finger to that area, chances are you might smudge the glass that protects the camera sensor, resulting in blurry images. But what about this possible solution accidentally discovered by tech blogger Quinn Nelson?

So Nelson broke his Galaxy S8’s back cover – pretty easy to break since it’s thin glass. He ordered an original back cover to replace it, but accidentally affected the gasket around the fingerprint and camera sensors that gave it waterproofing. This resulted in an interesting situation – fingerprint sensor was pushed out and is now elevated the rest of the area, making it easier to find if you’re reaching your finger over that area.

Nelson used waterproof adhesive to repair the gasket and didn’t bother to push the fingerprint sensor back down. This makes it easier to use, but the tradeoff is that the back is no longer flat, but has a bump quite like the iPhone. Check out the video of his discovery here.

Nelson feels this is a fair tradeoff, if you can use the fingerprint sensor better, and easier. What do you think about this? Is this a good DIY hack for the Samsung Galaxy S8?

VIA: @SnazzyQ


  1. I just bought a Galaxy S8 and honestly this article is utter rubbish. The fingerprint scanner on the back is a brilliant idea and I have never hit the camera by mistake or had any difficulty in using it with either hand. I wonder if the author was just looking for things write about on a slow news day.


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