A lot of people are hyped about the new Nexus tablet that Google is producing with HTC – quite possibly the Nexus 9. The tablet has been rumored to launch around mid-October, and those dates are just a few days away, so we expect the rumor mill to be buzzing with a lot of Nexus 9-related stuff. First up is this new HTC tablet that appeared at the FCC which carries the model number 0P82100 – which people say should be the Nexus 9.

Firstly the documents do confirm that the new model is in fact a tablet – this we know for sure. But the FCC is mainly concerned with the radio and WiFi antennas on the model, so we don’t really get a good handle on the tablet’s specs from these documents. If you want to take a gander at said documents, click on over to the FCC website here.


We can confirm that the tablet has been FCC certified for most WiFi standards (802.11 a/b/g/n), and there is also a feature on the tablet for WiFi communication on the 5.x Ghz frequency, not just on the normal 2.4Ghz line. The tablet also passes tests for RFID which should mean that the tablet will have NFC available.

The rumored specs for the Nexus 9 point to a pretty powerful tablet. It may carry NVIDIA’s top of the line Tegra K1 chip while sporting a 9-inch Full HD 1080p display. Rumors also point to the new tablet running Andoid L, the yet unreleased new version of Android OS. That last bit will hinge on when Google will be making Android L available.

VIA: Blog of Mobile