Amazon takes pride in its Prime Video service offering. It launched same time last year in over 200 countries. The official app for Android hit the US Google Play Store back in August and now more people will be able to access the service as the app for Android TV is now ready. Officially called the ‘Prime Video – Android TV’, this app is optimized for Android TV devices and it is released just when Amazon and Google are feuding over YouTube on Amazon devices.

We’re not expecting the worst to happen but it’s good to know the two are teaming up to bring Prime Video to Android TV devices. This means good news for both companies: a wider audience for Amazon and more choices for Android TV device owners. There’s only one catch though: Chromecast support is still not included.

Android TV isn’t the only platform where you can run Prime Video. There’s Android and NVIDIA SHIELD TV. Interestingly, the app can’t be seen on the Play Store. It can’t be sideloaded either.

As for Prime Video for Android TV, there are some limits as not all TV models can run the app. Perhaps the app developers are not yet done with updating the code but the app should be working properly in no time.

Download Prime Video – Android TV from the Google Play Store

VIA: Android Police