We hadn’t heard much from the Pressy team since back in mid-April. That last status update seemed to be positive, and was reporting how shipments were expected to begin later in the month. To clarify here, the folks at Pressy had expected to begin shipping the “almighty Android button” towards the end of April. Well, April came and went without any reports of shipments.

We are now sitting well past the April shipping timeframe and it looks like the team at Pressy have come forward with another update. Similar to previous updates, there isn’t any firm date for shipments, and instead, the team is taking about the issues that caused this latest delay. Rather simply, they are blaming the delay on manufacturing issues.

It seems the build quality was not up to their standards. Or based on what they are saying, up to any quality level of standards. The team mentioned how some of the Pressy units were failing after only 100 button presses. While news of another delay is likely not what these Kickstarter backers wanted to hear — we suspect the delay may have been better than the alternative — waiting a long time only to get a product that fails shortly after delivery.

Seems Pressy is following in the path of many of the other popular Kickstarter projects with manufacturing issues and frequent delays. Anyway, for now the team has decided not to ship any of the 30,000 units that had been built and are once again hoping to see shipments begin later in the month.

SOURCE: Kickstarter