There may be some good news for those who backed the Pressy Kickstarter project. According to the latest update — shipments are expected to begin later this month. Specifically, the Pressy team said they are hopeful deliveries will begin on April 28th. Assuming that timeline holds then backers should begin receiving the gadget in May.

Pressy was another of those Kickstarter projects that shattered their initial funding goals. They had been looking for $40,000 and eventually closed at $695,138. That meant a total of 28,818 backers, and according to this Kickstarter update that looks like it means 40,000 units. Along with news of a potential shipment date — there was also some news in terms of improvements.


The Pressy will be shipping with an improved keychain. The keychain can be seen in the images here in the post. You’ll be able to attach the Pressy to an actual keychain or attach it to a headphone cable. There was also a bit of time spent addressing the copycats. By this we are referring to the Pressy-like gadget we recently saw from Xiaomi.

There was mention about how they knew from the beginning there would be copycats. There was also mention of a patent and talk about how they “intend to squash them [the copycats] soon.” Bottom line here, while things could still change before the end of the month — it is looking like another popular Kickstarter project is just about ready to begin shipping.

SOURCE: Kickstarter