Pressy launched as a Kickstarter campaign several weeks back and it looks like they have not only surpassed the initial goal, but also topped the $500,000 stretch goal. The campaign currently has 26 days remaining and have raised $525,589 towards that initial goal of $40,000. As to what the $500k stretch goal means — push-to-talk capability.

This feature has been dubbed Pressy-To-Talk and means users will be able to, well, press-to-talk. This will be done using a yet to be specified “huge player in the VoIP market.” And to add a bit of further good news for those who may have already backed the project, this is not expected to cause any shipping delays.


Anyway, this stretch goal aside, Pressy originally launched on Kickstarter with the promise of being able to turn your headphone jack into a shortcut button. This is being touted as the “almighty Android button” and it will ship with a set of pre-configured options. Users will also be able to do a bit of customizing by way of the Pressy app that will be available from the Play Store.

Those pre-configured options include one short click to toggle the flashlight, one long click to switch your phone in and out of silent and a double click to take a picture. Some of the other potential use cases include being able to start voice recording, change other settings, check-in on social networks, record phone calls and even sending your current location.

Pressy still has nearly a month left on Kickstarter and at this time there are several backing options remaining.

SOURCE: Kickstarter