You’ll remember the epic story of the SMS Bug going around for months now, gaining large attention over the past few days – see both [UPDATE] Android SMS Bug Now Has “Critical” Priority and [Rally with Us] to Fix The Android SMS Bug posts for full details. Seems now the bug’s been parred down to a separate issue with receiving emails-to-SMS from Bank of America, SMS alerts sent by Linkedin, and SMS alerts sent by T-Mobile. Each of these appear to corrupt Android’s SQLite database, making things go wild. All of this is detailed in a separate Issue in the Google Code reporting site, #1233.

Is this the same bug? Might as well try n’ fix it with the fix they’re suggesting:

1. Perform a hard reset (wiping out all of your data.)
2. Block T-Mobile, Linkedin, and Bank of America.
3. Figure out a different way to communicate with those groups probably.

If that doesn’t work, might as well keep yelling and screaming!