Hooray! Since yesterday when the entire internet (or at least a few hundred – thousand – million people who’re on Android) rallied behind making the Android SMS Bug a thing of the past by dropping a gigantic amount of clicks on the 9392 SMS BUG thread in the Google Android code complaint department. In the time between then and now, the thread went from medium priority up to CRITICAL! This is totally rockin since this problem has been on the books since way back in June, 2010.

This doesn’t mean that the problem will be fixed instantly, of course, but it certainly puts it higher on the list of “to-do” items for the Android fixers at Google. Just to make sure it stays up there at the top, keep on clicking!

All you’ve got to do is log into your Google account and head over to the 9392 SMS BUG thread, go down to the bottom, and hit the “Vote for this issue and get email change notifications” button. Let’s get it fixed!