Not so long ago real-time strategy games were the bee’s knees on PCs. Triple-A franchises like Age of Empires and Command & Conquer got at least as much exposure as the latest “shoot until you’re out of bullets then punch whatever’s left” action game.  Android’s still a young platform, and at least one developer seems intent on giving it its own RTS franchise. Herocraft’s hit Majesty: Fantasy Kingdom Sim now has a sequel (not an expansion) titled Majesty: The Northern Expansion. It’s available now in the Android Market for $2.99.

If you didn’t play the original, it plays a lot like the aforementioned strategy games: for each mission you’re given a set amount of troops and buildings and an objective, usually killing something that richly deserves it. Direct your forces with cunning and utilize your Hero units well, and you’ll crush your enemies. Pull stupid maneuvers or match the wrong troops to the wrong foe, and General Custer will laugh at you from his grave. New features include a greater variety of soldier and baddies, adapting terain and weather, and of course a new campaign in a new land.

Check it out below:

Unfortunately the game doesn’t officially support Ice Cream Sandwich yet. Combine that with a few early bugs reported in the comments, and you might want to wait for the next update before laying down your three bucks. But in some good news for owners of older devices, the simple but effective graphics should run on just about anything. In the meantime you can buy the original Majesty (if you didn’t pick it up during the 10 Billion Apps promotion) for just $.99.