Because of the high demand for an international version of the hit Japanese role-playing game (RPG) “Fate/Grand Order”, the game’s developers have released the game on Google Play for global audiences. The game launched in Japan in mid-2015 where it garnered to critical acclaim. Now we can all enjoy this game.

Fate/Grand Order was directed by Yosuke Shiokawa, who said that many of the game’s players were from other countries, even though the game was still locked to Japanese servers at that time. So the demand drove the developers to launch an English language version, and this is what is now available via the Play Store.

Fate/Grand Order is actually based on a graphic novel, but it foregoes the logical point-and-click gameplay and instead goes for a game that has turn-based RPG gameplay with a card battle system. During combat, the player can call upon powerful assistants to help defeat his enemies. There is some strategy involved, as you would have to plan your attacks to take advantage of combos and special moves of your “servants”.

The game is free-to-play, with IAPs, so you can download it from the link below. If you’ve been itching for some RPG fun, this might just be what you’re looking for.

DOWNLOAD: Google Play Store