If you’re into PC or mobile gaming at all, odds are you’re either obsessed with or apathetic towards PopCap. The indie developer is famous for small, simple and wickedly addicting games, most notably Bejewled, Plants vs Zombies and Peggle. Bejewled has been available in the Android Market for a while by way of EA, but the latter two are finally coming to play in Google’s house, after months of exclusivity on the Amazon AppStore.

If you’re not familiar with Plants vs Zombies, it’s sort of an offshoot of the tower defense genre, wherein you play a group of plucky flowers trying to hold back a ravenous zombie hoard. Yes, really. Various flowers shoot differing projectiles, and you must replenish your defenses before your last lines are breached. Plants vs Zombies has been a favorite on iOS for years, and it’s finally available to Android Market users in a few days. Peggle is a simple game based on pachinko, the Japanese pinball variant, that’s been devouring the free time of obsessive gamers since its desktop release way back in 2007.

PopCap said their games would appear in the Android Market “later this week“, so keep an eye on the home page – they’ll likely be featured within a day or two. Be careful when searching; there’s at least one bogus Plants vs Zombies app out there already, priced at a ridiculous $7.99. The real Plants vs Zombies and Peggle should be $2.99, with “PopCap” listed as the developer.

[via Phandroid]