Well would you look at that? Plants vs Zombies is out! It’s been on Apple’s iOS for what seems like forever and it’s finally lumbered its undead self on over to our favorite mobile platform, Android! And, following the example of Rovio’s Angry Birds RIO before it, Popcap has decided to release Plants VS Zombies on the Amazon Appstore first, it being free for the entire day today, today being May 31st, 2011. We’ve got a mini review of the game right here, too!

It’s a game that’s all about strategy. Certainly it’s not about shooting your enemy in the face, and you’ll never see a decapitated bear anywhere, but those undead humanoids, well, you’ve just got to take care of them. And what better way to destroy zombies than with plants? There IS no better way! Therefor you’ve got a grid which represents your yard, sheets of sod (aka brand new grass laid out like a red carpet), zombies coming at you very, very slowly, and plants that you can plant to defend yourself.

This game ends up being much more like a puzzle than it is like a shooter game or a level transgressor game. Instead you’re doing castle defense, where your castle is your neighborhood home and your archers and swordsmen are your sunflowers and your pea pod shooters. As you plant, you must catch suns as they fall from the sky. As the suns fall from the sky and you catch them, you gain energy enough to plant new flowers. As you be a levels, you gain seeds to plant new kinds of plants, flowers, vegetables, and more.

It’s completely killer fun, and like the greatest games for mobile, this one’s definitely hit on the touchscreen craze like a sawblade hits a treebranch, cutting with perfect teeth at the lifeblood that allows them to be successful. Play it!

Also go get it for free! Don’t know how to work the Amazon Appstore? Check out our very own Android Community 101: Amazon Appstore for everything you need to know. Exciting!

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