Around a week ago, Niantic launched its Global Catch Challenge. This is where Niantic encouraged all trainers to catch as much Pokemon as they can in a span of 7 days. This will lead to global rewards within the game, and the more Pokemon caught, the bigger the rewards. 3 billion was the highest target set, and that target was hit before the week ended.

At around 8AM in the morning of November 26, one day short of the week limit for Pokemon GO’s Global Catch Challenge, Niantic tweeted that the 3 billion mark was indeed reached. This meant that the rewards for this tier will now be available.

Majorly, it means that Farfetch’d will be available worldwide, and Kangaskhan will be available in all of East Asia instead of being geo-locked in the Australian continent – for the next 48 hours. Aside from these, your PokeStop lures will last 6 hours, and you will be given twice the amount of XP you will usually earn for tasks and milestones within the game.

We didn’t think it could be done, but Pokemon GO just keeps breaking records. 3 billion Pokemon caught in the span of 7 days worldwide. That’s nothing short of amazing.

SOURCE: @PokemonGoApp