The popular Pokemon GO augmented reality game is still available to waste your time on. Some of you may have given up on catching pocket monsters but there are those who are still on the lookout for more characters and are always ready to train them. It’s been over a year since the phenomenal game was released but Niantic Labs isn’t stopping yet. There are those who try to catch and train whenever and wherever they are especially in new places.

For those traveling abroad and want to continue on with training, you may want to try Pokémon GO Travel. No, it’s not a new app but a new source of more information about the game. It’s a video series featuring a group of Pokemon Trainers. Watch the videos and follow a group of Trainers from all over the world that will be traveling to Japan for the Global Catch Challenge.

Nintendo and Niantic Labs know that hardcore fans of the phenomenal game won’t tire just yet of all things Pokemon. Its popularity may be waning but no doubt, every time you go out to play is a new adventure.

Pokemon GO Travel will open your eyes to new places and new people. There are three billion Pokemon to catch in one week as long as you work together with other players.

Follow the adventures of Rachel Quirico, Coisa de Nerd, and IHasCupquake and see as they explore Japan and learn more about the culture of the Pokemon’s origin. Play together with other fans from all over the world and wait for rewards to be unlocked. The Global Catch Challenge has already begun and will go on until the 26th of November. It will end with a special event to be held in Totorri, Japan. Watch out for that Pokémon GO Safari Zone.

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