To coincide with all the Easter egg hunts sure to be happenng all over, Niantic is also launching its own egg event on its hit augmented reality game Pokemon GO. Their calling it the “Pokemon GO Eggstravaganza” (geddit?), and it’s bringing some rare Pokemon to the common 2km eggs, plus some bonus XP on all the activities that gain you XP. It’s a great time to level up your trainer in the game.

From April 13 to April 20, players of Pokemon GO will find that hatching Pokemon eggs will be a more profitable venture. During this Eggstravaganza, the common 2km eggs will be containing some rare Pokemon which can usually only be found on 5km and 10km eggs. That should be a good deal, so strap up your kicks and get walking.

As a part of this in-game event, Niantic is also giving players double XP during the period. This means that all the activities that gain you XP in the game will give you twice the usual amount during the period of the event. And to really maximize your XP gains, you can activate those Lucky Eggs for 4 times the normal XP rate. During the event, Lucky Eggs will be 50% off at the in-game store.

This event looks to give a great boost to your XP gaining, so if you are playing Pokemon GO, maximize the event by getting your egg game on.

VIA: SlashGear