We have no confirmation yet about the Starbucks Pokemon GO event supposedly for tomorrow, December 8, but the augmented reality has just received another update. That’s right. You can update your Pokemon GO once again this week to version 0.49.1. The update isn’t only for Android users as Niantic Labs also released the same for iOS as the 1.19.1 version.

This particular rollout will benefit the trainers as they can now transfer multiple Pokémon Professor Willow simultaneously. You only need to press and hold a Pokemon. On the Gym battle screen and Gym battle approach, you will see the Pokémon type icons have been added.

You will also soon see your Buddy Pokémon’s total Candy count right on the buddy information screen. This information will also be accompanied by the total kilometers your buddy has already walked. Each Pokemon that goes with your buddy will have a special information screen where you can see all details about it.

As with another other game updates, this Pokemon GO release will bring several but minor text fixes. With the updates, the mobile AR game can be more interesting to play. You may not see the updated game on the Play Store at this moment but it should be ready soon.

Download POkemon GO from the Google Play Store

SOURCE: Pokemon GO Niantic Labs