With the recent addition of quests in Pokemon GO, it is now possible for trainers to actually earn the right to own Mew – one of the popular mythical Pokemon – without going through raid battles. And because of this new “Mew sighting”, Niantic is going to celebrate with more in-game events and treats, the better to draw more players back into the game. Are you still playing Pokemon GO? Do you want to play again?

Starting April 10 at 1PM (PDT), classic Pokemon from the Kanto region will be spawning more in the game. We’re talking about Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle, among others. This will give all of the new trainers in Pokemon GO a chance to catch up and collect these classic Pokemon.

Not only that, encounters and catching these classic Pokemon will actually be rewarded with double Candy. This will give you a chance not only to catch them, you might even get the chance to register their evolved forms in your Pokedex as well. Fancy that?

Lastly, it would seem like Aerodactyl and Snorlax will be featured in raid battles during this time. If you haven’t caught these two yet, then now is your chance!

SOURCE: Niantic