For people who love to save links that they find that they don’t have time to read now but will read later (but how much of that do they read later is another matter), Pocket is one of the more useful tools that you can have on your mobile devices and even your laptop/desktop. A few months ago they introduced a new Recommended Feed so you can also discover new stories from your friends and the people you follow. Now you will get the ability to like and share the posts you think are worth sharing.

But the first step of course is to follow people so you’ll have more items on your Recommended feed. You can discover which of your friends are already on Pocket by connecting your address book and your Twitter and Facebook accounts. You can also manually add them with the Add Friends button or also follow the suggested accounts from Pocket. So now that your Recommended feed is a little more robust, you are ready to use the new features from the app.


If you find a link helpful or amusing or interesting, then you can now like it by pressing the heart button. But if you want to share this content to the people who follow you, then you now have the repost button to help you with that. You will also be able to see when someone likes or reposts what you recommended too.


The update has already started rolling out to users. So check your Pocket if you already have version 6.3 waiting for you.

SOURCE: Pocket